HASTINGS INTERNAL MEDICINE office fees are the usual and customary charges for Internal Medicine physicians in the area. If you are a member of a contracted health plan, our office will file all charges with your insurance company. Patient co-pays are due at the time of service in the amount specified on your current insurance card. All deductible amounts are the responsibility of the patient, and account balance statements are sent on a regular basis for mail-in payment or in-person payment during your next visit to the office. Hastings Internal Medicine accepts Visa and MasterCard for payment of services as well as cash, debit cards, and check. Returned checks are subject to a service fee penalty.

If Hastings Internal Medicine is not contracted with your health plan, you are responsible for all charges. A charge statement will be provided to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Hastings Internal Medicine accepts Medicare assignment, and we will bill Medicare. Supplemental insurances that are Medicare Crossover or Medigap will be billed automatically.

Hastings Internal Medicine physicians will work with workers' compensation claims if your workers' compensation carrier approves your evaluation and care at our office. If your injury or illness is work related, it is your responsibility to inform your employer and file necessary paperwork to activate the workers' compensation program. Your workers' compensation carrier at your employer may decide where you seek care for your illness and injury and can approve your evaluation and care at our office.

Please inform us of any insurance changes since your last visit, and always bring your current insurance cards to your appointment. Each insurance plan has its own unique coverage provisions and not all services rendered may be covered by your plan. Payment is expected for non-covered services as determined by your insurance plan. Our office will work to research denied claims, but ultimately the coverage benefits may be unique to your plan or employer or your insurance may have been issued with waivers and you may not be covered for the diagnosis for which you are being treated. Insurance coverage varies by different insurance programs so it is very important that you understand your own health insurance coverage.

Questions on billing, account balances and insurance should be directed to our office personnel. Unpaid balances are due upon receipt unless arrangements have been made with our office manager.